Samsung Galaxy A8

The Samsung Galaxy A8 is an excellent smartphone, offering flagship features and experience at a non-flagship price. Combined with good design and build quality, the Galaxy A8 is the kind of phablet that can successfully bring buyers back from the price war segment. It’s easy to handle, has great performance, throws in features such as a fingerprint scanner and other security functions, and above all, has among the best battery life we’ve seen on a smartphone. The only real flaws are slightly sharp edges and the forced choice between a second SIM and storage expansion. But all in all, the Galaxy A8 is an excellent smartphone that is worth your attention.

So if you don’t want to spend Galaxy S9 money, A8 is a good choice even if each part of the phone is a little more basic; the chipset is less powerful, the frame less curvy, the camera less versatile and the screen is less sharp. But it is not something that you’ll notice that much. This is still a very good phone.

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